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2017/3/1 Webinar with Prof. Katz
2013/3/2 IICT Publishes The Reasons and Conditions of Punishment
2011/7/2 Audio Encyclopedia of Prophet Muhammads household by IICTs Dr. Shojaeipour
2013/11/2 Tendency toward Spirituality
2012/7/3 IICT books in Pakistan
2012/7/4 IICT Publications Organization selected as the best booth in TIBF
2013/12/4 Academic visit to Indonesian centers for economics
2013/2/5 New Issue of Islamic Economy Journal
2010/10/5 "Wisdom and Love, a review on Mulla Sadras life and thought" Published In Russia
2011/8/6 19th International Quran Exhibition with the presence of IICT in Tehran
2012/11/6 IICT holds another annual International Philosophy Day Conference
2017/2/8 Webinar with Prof. Ronald M. Green
2011/6/8 Holding the news conference session for " International Islamic Awakening "
2015/8/8 Justice-Oriented Progress
2014/10/8 National Conference on "Tafsir al-Mizan and Humanities"
2011/4/9 The President of IICT, His Excellency Prof. Dr. Ali Akbar Rashads Congratulation Message
2011/4/9 The First Critical Session of Ibtina theory held in Marefat Hall
2013/5/9 IICT in 26th Tehran International Book Fair
2011/1/1 The impact of our studies and investigations in IICT on Islamic Banking System is obvious
2012/2/1 Fajr International Film Festival kicks-off today, IICTs Motamedi among main Juries
2012/2/1 The First Specialized Scientific Session of Islamic Nature of Progression
2015/7/1 Mohyeddin Elahi Ghomshei; Hakim of Knowledge and Affection
2011/10/1 Announcement of the first International Congress of Islamic Humanities
2011/10/1 3 workshops were held by IICT for scholars, members of the scientific board
2012/10/1 UiTM Institutes attend IICT Workshop
2010/11/1 President Dr. Ali Akbar Rashad's Response to Cardinal Jean-Luis Touran
2010/11/1 Call for Papers
2011/4/10 The first symposium on the role of philosophical theology (Kalam) in evolution of humanities
2011/4/10 The first specialized session on the role of theosophy in evolution of humanities
2011/7/10 it's
2011/7/10 it's
2012/7/10 IICT fellows attend Russian conference
2014/1/11 The ceremony of granting the “World Award for Islamic Humanities”
2014/1/11 With the cooperation of the thinkers of philosophy of religion
2013/2/11 New Issue of Islamic Law Journal
2011/6/11 The conference on " Modernism and Ijtihad in Imam Seyyed Ali Khameneis View" held in Beirut
2012/11/11 Islamophobia: US Hawks Project
2011/1/12 The new theory of "Ibtina" by Professor Dr. Ali Akbar Rashad unveiled
2011/2/12 The Seat of Theorization under the title of "Conflict with Mastery and Colonialism"
2011/2/12 Philosophy is an unseparable and undeletable part of the mankinds soul
2011/2/12 Philosophy is an unseparable and undeletable part of the mankinds soul
2017/2/12 Prof Mahmoud Hekmatnia met Prof Mirushe Hoxha
2011/3/12 Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mohammad Rezaei: Ethics is only 1 aspect of religious aspects
2011/3/12 65 papers and articles were just finalized on the subject of Fatemi Encyclopedia
2013/6/12 The allegiance of management to the category of "Culture" can solve crisis in the country
2013/6/12 leadership style in Islamic management
2015/6/12 The book "Western Identity: the Quiddity and the Elements" has been published at IICT in Persian language.
2011/7/13 Visionary discussions of Quran Interpretation based on Quran's verses revelation order
2011/7/13 Call for papers on 'The Study of Political Currents and criticizing the "New Etezal" Thoughts'
2011/7/13 Honouring and Paying Tribute to Grand Sheikh Ansari PBUH
2011/7/13 The last Agreement in History and Civilization Department
2010/9/13 IICTs president in a meeting with Chinese delegation
2010/11/13 High Officials of Vatican Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue visited IICT
2011/1/14 The book "What seculars say?" republished for its second time
2011/1/14 The Book " The Iran that is able to say NO ! " republished for its second time
2011/1/14 Invitation of Iranian Cultural Attache in Ankara for IICT
2012/5/14 Tehran International Book Fair with IICTs active presence
2010/7/14 IICTs Readiness for establishing 6 Centers of Excellence
2010/8/14 Analysis of various viewpoints on Sunnah and Quran from Shia and Sunni perspective
2016/9/14 An Invitation from International Affairs of IICT
2012/10/14 IICT registered National Center of Excellence for Philosophy of Religion (Part One)
2011/12/14 The press conference of the "National Symposium of Islam and Secularism"
2013/4/15 The book "Certainty, Suspicion and Belief" written by Dr. Mohammad Taqi Sohrabifar
2013/4/15 Corporeal Origination of the Soul
2013/4/15 The second Symposium of "A Realistic Theory of Humanities" was held in IICT
2011/5/15 The book "We and the History of Islamic Philosophy" recently unveiled
2011/5/15 IICTs "Islamic Law"journal obtained the highest possible ranking in Iran
2011/5/15 The Book Understanding in Historicisms Trap" written by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Arab Salehi"
2010/9/15 IICTs latest Professional Membership
2010/11/15 IICT actively participated in Tehran's International Press and News Agencies Festival
2010/11/15 3 Books of IICT published in the Netherland
2013/2/16 Announcement: Participation and cooperation in IICT project
2012/7/16 Pakistani judicial delegation attends IICT workshop
2011/8/16 President Prof. Dr. Ali Akbar Rashad: We have independent theories in Humanities
2010/10/16 The newest software product of "Youth Thought Center" is released
2012/10/16 IICT registered National Center of Excellence for Philosophy of Religion (Part Two)
2012/3/17 A Comemorative Ceremony for Grand Sheikh Ali Abolhasani held by IICT
2012/3/17 IICT Congradulates for the Persian New Year 1391
2010/7/17 Ten Major Philosophical Questions on Philosophy of Religion
2012/10/17 IICT registered National Center of Excellence for Philosophy of Religion (Last Part)
2011/12/17 Establishment and formation of the council for international publication activities of IICT
2011/12/17 Thematic interpretation of holy Quran now available in English and Arabic
2012/9/18 Academic Center for "Philosophy of Religion" at IICT established
2010/10/18 IICTs Western Studies department will host a conference on western studies
2010/12/18 Book Review of Reinhard Schulzes
2010/12/18 "The theory of Islamic revolution in a nutshell" republished for its sixth time
2010/12/18 The book relation between science and religion in west republished for second time
2011/1/19 The book Quran and Pluralism republished for its second time
2011/2/19 Director Ahmad Reza Motamedi of IICT won the prestigious award of "Mostafa Aghad
2011/2/19 Professor Dr. Ali Akbar Rashad:" Philosophy of Religion is different from Philosophy of Religious Epistemology"
2011/6/19 Two books of IICT published in Pakistan
2011/6/19 IICT submitted 29 distinguished works and books to Fifth Farabi International Festivals Secretariat
2011/6/19 Memorandum of Understanding signed between IICT and Afghan Academy of Sciences
2015/6/19 The book "Iran and the United Nations" has been published at IICT in Persian language.
2011/7/19 A Practical Model for Islamizing the Social Sciences by IICT's Prof. Dr. Khosropanah
2011/1/2 The book "Intellectual paradox" republished for its third time
2011/7/2 Audio Encyclopedia of Prophet Muhammads household by IICTs Dr. Shojaeipour
2015/7/2 The Quiddity of Human in Islam
2012/10/2 Zehn (Mind) Journal obtains academic - research ranking
2013/11/2 Secondary Titles and Family Law
2012/12/2 "Influence of epistemological ideas of Islamic thinkers on Western thought"
2012/1/20 Cleric Researcher Dr. Ghaeminia: The Mind "Zehn" journal will be among international journals soon
2011/8/20 IICT raises funds for famine-stricken Somalis
2010/11/20 We have the required bedrock for cooperating with Malayesian universities in field of Encyclopedias
2010/11/20 Holding the conference of "Islamic Philosophy of Art" by IICT
2010/11/20 Iranian elites praised at Eternal Figures 8th session
2010/11/20 Call for papers on the Study of the West
2011/12/20 The Certificate of Award for IICT from the 13th Publishers fair
2011/2/21 Iran plans to donate books to Tajikistan, Afghanistan
2011/2/21 IICT participated in Al-Zahra University conference with the presence of Prof. Dr. Roshdie Rashed
2011/2/21 IICTs Prof. Dr. Abolqasem Alidoust, the winner of Islamic Republic of Irans book of the year prize
2010/6/21 Qabasat Quarterly on Philosophy of Religion and New Theology, Vol. 14, Nr 53
2015/6/21 In The Second Conference For Honoring Works And Thesis In The Field Of "Proximity Of Islamic Schools Of Thought"
2010/8/21 The Book "Biology of the Text" criticized in "Saraye Ahle Ghalam" at Book house.
2010/9/21 Prof. Dr. Ali Akbar Rashad strongly condemned the Quran-burning plan
2011/1/22 Dr. Ahmad Reza Motamedi of IICT in 29th edition of the Fajr International Film Festival
2011/1/22 Hujjat-el-Islam Mohajer Nia: The Islamic Revolution is the greatest religious modern-thinking
2011/1/22 The book "Palestine Crisis and the Solution" by Dr. Manuchehr Mohammadi published recently
2011/1/22 The book "Palestine Crisis and the Solution" by Dr. Manuchehr Mohammadi published recently
2014/2/22 Nuclear Jurisprudence
2014/2/22 Nuclear Jurisprudence
2015/6/22 Three Works of IICT Was Chosen In 10th National Conference For Honoring Top Researchers and scholars In The Field Of Islam.
2012/9/22 "Discussion with John Hick" released
2011/12/22 50 nations to show pictures of post-revolution Iran
2013/2/23 New Issue of Ketab-e Naqd Journal
2011/4/23 Broadcasting the first series of critical TV programs on Leiden Encyclopedia of Islam
2012/4/23 Enrichment of Strategic Thought System for Decoding the Future
2012/10/23 National Center of Excellence for Philosophy of Religion Inaugurated
2010/12/23 Ferdowsi Award Planned
2010/12/23 The Book " Ration and Love " translated in Russian
2014/9/24 "Intellectual-Political Genealogy of Salafism"
2014/9/24 "Intellectual-Political Genealogy of Salafism"
2013/11/24 Shi’a Political Thought against Violence
2011/12/24 Iran’s cultural experts and researchers of the year honored
2011/12/24 Turkey lables 2014 as the year of I.R.Iran
2013/6/25 The book "Criterial Culture" written by Dr. Ali Zuelm
2013/6/25 The book "Criterial Culture" written by Dr. Ali Zuelm
2015/6/25 The book " Islamic Model of Consumption Morality " has been published at IICT in Persian language.
2010/8/25 55th Issue of the Qabasat Journal
2011/2/26 The book "Islamic Jurisprudence and Expediency" selected Irans book of the year
2011/2/26 Third Specialized Session of "Religious Rights" held in Qoms Marefat Hall
2011/2/26 Dr. Seyed Kazem Seyed Bagheris “The Role of Ijtihad in the Development of Islamic Civilization"
2014/4/26 The unveiling ceremony of “Encyclopedia of Fatima (SA)” in six volume was held.
2012/6/26 Memorial of Professor Roger Garaudy
2010/9/26 Qabasat Journal call for papers
2010/9/26 S.R. Mousavi attends Political Theology Agenda Symposium in Geneva
2011/9/26 7 distinguished Books of IICT published in Indonesia
2010/12/26 Professor Dr. Mohammad Reza Sarshar in the sixth didactic festival of "Abdosalam Ajili"
2010/12/26 The book "Wave of Sedition; from Jamal war to Soft war" republished for its 24th time
2012/12/26 New Zealander Professor Visits IICTs Islamic Encyclopedias Research Center
2011/1/27 The session of critical views on the book "The philosophy of Islamic Philosophy"
2011/1/27 The book "Culture, Society and Revolution" republished for its second time
2011/8/27 Mashhad city Negotiations for holding the conference on "The Logic of Understanding Religion"
2010/9/27 Prof Dr. Mohammadi Jorkuye condemned the insults to the Holy Qoran
2010/9/27 International pact of "Religion Rights" should be established
2014/9/27 National Conference on "Quran and Epistemology"
2010/11/27 Seven Views expo
2010/11/27 IICT's active presence in World Philosophy Day 2010
2010/11/27 IPRA Founder and Presidents visit to IICT and Remarkable Mutual Agreements
2011/5/28 The First National Conference on Western Studies held by IICT
2010/6/28 Islamic Banking will remain protected against global financial crisis
2010/6/28 Islamic Banking will remain protected against global financial crisis
2011/6/28 The special jury prize of Toarmina Festival went to IICTs member of the scientific board
2013/9/28 Anti-Colonial Movements in the South of Iran
2013/9/28 Scientific Rationality
2013/9/28 Methodology of Mulla Sadra
2013/9/28 The second symposium of “Philosophy of Religion Centre of Excellency” was held in IICT.
2012/10/28 Farabi Intl. Award selects IICT as the best research institute
2011/11/28 Dr. Kamran Daneshju, Irans minister of science research and technology visited IICT
2012/11/28 "A discussion with John Hick" Unveiling Ceremony
2011/5/29 Two members of IICTs scientific board appointed as permanent scientists of the Supreme Council of Islamic Iranian Pattern for Progress
2011/6/29 The three day international workshop on “Islamic Economic System, Criminology and Prevention of Crimes” held by IICT
2013/8/29 Volumes number 4 to 6 from the series of "About the Fiction" written by Mohammad-Reza Sarshar, is published by "Youth Thought Centre" (an affiliated centre of IICT).
2013/8/29 The book "The Recognition of the Holy Quran" written by Mohammad-Ali Asadinasab is published
2013/8/29 IICT exhibit its Quranic works at the 20th International Holy Quran Exhibition
2011/10/29 The first "Islam and Secularism" conference call
2009/11/29 Pre-seat of innovation called
2009/11/29 Pre-seat of innovation called
2011/9/3 Cooperation agreement between IICT and The Strategic Investigation Center of Presidency Office
2011/9/3 Iran arranges Quranic weeks in over 20 countries
2011/9/3 Iran arranges Quranic weeks in over 20 countries
2011/1/30 Dr. Mohammad Reza Sarshars view on Arabic Novel Writing after participation in Al-Ujaili Festival
2011/1/30 The Third Fajr Visual Art Festival, many inspired works
2011/1/30 The book "The Territory of Prophets Message" republished for its second time
2017/1/30 Meeting with Foreign Professors
2015/6/30 Pre-Symposium of the road map for Humanities
2015/6/30 The chair and symposium; Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress Series
2015/6/30 The Symposium for "The Non-Epistemic Causes of Aversion to Religion"
2014/9/30 "the Relation between Islamic Mysticism and Philosophy of Art, Architecture and Urban Planning"
2010/10/30 Scholars to observe World Philosophy Day in Tehran
2011/11/30 The book "Mourning for Prophets houshold and Imams"
2010/12/31 “The Secret of the Red Pomegranate” unveiled in Turkey
2012/12/31 IICT Georgian Conference of Reverence of Divine Religions
2011/3/4 3 Books of IICT published in Indonesia by Icaspress
2011/3/4 Noruz teaches love for mankind and the world
2011/9/4 IICT selected as the best private research institute in 2010
2010/12/4 French version of Nahj-ul-Balagha published in Qom
2010/12/4 Most travelogues on hajj are written by Iranians
2010/12/4 The world philosophy day having the main subject of philosophy of Islamic art, Qom
2011/2/5 The Twentieth Issue of Periodical of "Islamic Law"
2011/2/5 Scientific Session of "Philosophy of Ethics" with the presence of IICT Elites
2010/9/5 IICTs International scientific relations Department selected a Professor for University of Philippines
2011/8/6 IICTs Prof. Dr. Abdolhossein Khosropanah appointed as the president of Iranian Institute of Philosophy
2010/11/6 4th Farabi International festival & 4 awards for IICT
2010/11/6 Dr. Alireza Ghaeminia will soon come up with his new theory
2014/4/7 Colonialism and Geographical Naming
2012/7/7 IICT attends "Az-Zahra (pbuh) a Cause for Islamic Unity" International Conference
2010/9/8 Active presence of IICT in Tehrans Eighteenth International Quranic Fair
2010/10/8 The Book " Juridical Dialogues" will be published
2012/12/8 Commemoration of Mohieddin Qomeishi held
2011/4/9 Prof. Dr. Sajjad Izdehi appointed as the new head of politics department
2011/4/9 The cooperation session between directors of IICT & The president of Islamic studies foundation in Russia
2011/7/9 its
2011/7/9 its
2010/10/9 The book called "A Name Forever, Persian Gulf" written by Abdolkarim Mashayekhi has been published in the market.
2010/10/9 The principle of political thought in Quran has been published
2012/10/9 IICT holds National Conference of Religions Rights
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