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Realism in Humanities

Pre-Symposium of the road map for Humanities

Pre-Symposium of the road map for Humanities that was held at IICT in 14 June 2015, with the presentation of Dr. Ebrahim Dadjouy. Dr. Hosein Kalbasi, Dr. Abdollah Nasri, Dr. Khosro Baqeri were in the symposium as referees. Dr. Alireaza Pirouzman, Dr. Alireza Qaeminia, Dr. Hamidreza Shakerin and Dr. Hosein Souzanchi- the faculty members at IICT- were as critics.

As the presenter, Dr. Dadjouy explained his theory entitled "Realism in Humanities". He said: "There are many theories on the subject of humanities both by Shia and Sunni theoreticians. These theories are so varied but none of them could lead to favorability. One cannot choose what to do and choose these varied theories on the relation between science and religion. I hold that these theories must reach to the point that can be effective in the society. I hold that these theories must be centralized in one point; that point would be the "Realism"."

Then he elaborated and expanded his theory by referring to Sunni and Shia scholars and said Sunni scholars inclined toward the text but Shia scholars emphasized on the use of intellect and reason.

Dr. Dadjouy said: "I believe we need to accept the current Humanities and Natural Sciences because they are based on realism and rationalism according to their method not content. Hence, religios scholars can refine and reform these sciences."  

After his speech, the other critics and referees delivered speech and examined this theory.

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