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"Iran and the United Nations"

The book "Iran and the United Nations" has been published at IICT in Persian language.

this book is a research on the relationship between Iran and the UN. This books holds that: in Iranian legal and political custom, United Nations is considered as a deniable institution in the field of international cooperation and confrontation. there are three distinct regards toward it: firstly, with the completely positive approach and disregarding the discrepancies of values, believes in  comprehensive cooperation and allegiance, accepting its universal norms. secondly, with completely negative approach, considers that the discrepancies of values is an obstacle to the comprehensive cooperation with UN and its affiliated institutions. thirdly, accepting the UN and its governing general principles and knowing the discrepancies of value context, seeks to enjoy the benefits of its maximum capacities. knowing the current customs and governing literature can provide better awareness and more realistic analysis of understanding the past and future cooperation between Iran and the UN.

This book covers the following issues: Iran and the UN, Iran and establishment of the UN, Iran and the organs and institutions of the UN, Iran and reforms of the UN, Iranian problems and the UN, the incident of US embassy in Tehran, incidents at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, UN and the Imposed war of Iraq against Iran, UN and the Nuclear case of Iran.

10:16 - 19/06/2015    /    Number : 3633    /    Show Count : 660

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